Robotic Camera Systems

Robotic multi-camera systems let you record events and presentations with a fraction of the crew – and cost – of standard recording systems.

Working in tight quarters? No problem. Extremely mobile and compact, our robotic camera systems can be configured to work in the most challenging environments.

Plus, our camera controllers offer 50 programmable shots per camera so that every pan, tilt, zoom, and focus, as well as iris and white balance, can be recalled.

Our robotic multi-camera systems streamline your broadcast, corporate, or educational programming while ensuring high production values.

These systems are the ideal solution for any broadcast or event application that requires a compact, fully integrated, top-quality remote-control SD or HD multi-camera system

Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) delivers unparalleled colors, skin tones, and fast image compensation in a wide range of production environments.

Inverted mounting and automatic picture flip support are available upon request.

Quick-recall hotkeys enable easy access to several cameras, controls, and preprogrammed setups.

Converged pan, tilt, focus, and zoom operation permit seamless on-air movement

Using our innovative, compact systems, our two-person crew – a director and a technical director – can do the work of a full crew of five camera operators, one director, and one technical director.

For more information about how GEC can provide Robotic Cameras for your next meeting, contact us and we will reply within 24 hours or one business day. 



Customer Quotes

Our party was a challenge for us. We had never needed a stage & audio/visual help of this magnitude before.  Everything GEC provided was first rate and worked flawlessly.  The event was a rave success according to all the guests, and GEC really helped make that possible.  GEC worked directly with the entertainment group saved me a great deal of confusion and resulted in a well matched group and equipment.  Thank you GEC!

—Larry P
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