IBM Financial Services Solutions Symposium

GEC provided audio-visual equipment, audience polling, real time captioning and overall technical direction for IBM's 2008 Financial Services Solutions Symposium (FS3) on April 21-24th for 400 attendees. General session and multiple breakout room support includes:

-  Arrayed Sound Systems
-  Wireless Microphones
-  Digital Audio Recording
-  Real-time Captioning
-  Audience Response System
-  Lighting
-  Background Drape
-  Video Projection
-  Seamless Switching
-  Show Computers
-  Powerpoint Slide editing
-  Technical Direction
-  Technical Labor

For more information about how GEC can provide audio-visual support for your next meeting, contact us and we will reply within 24 hours or one business day.

Voice of the customer:

"You and your team were absolutely spectacular last week in Boston.  I couldn??t imagine ever working with anyone else. 

Thoughts that come to mind relative to our experience with Global Events:

Honest and dependable ?? This is the number one reason I work with Global Events.  I can count on you, I can count on your team, I can count on your equipment.  When you promised me numbers?Ѭ? you got me numbers.  When you said you would ???load in????Ѭ? you loaded in.

Eye for detail ?? The saying goes, ???don??t sweat the small things???.  But that??s exactly why you bring so much value ?? because you do sweat every tiny detail so I don??t have to.

Hard working ?? Every morning at the crack of dawn you and your team were there making sure everything was ready to go; every night you were preparing for the next day.  You were even doing things I was supposed to do but couldn??t find time to execute (like creating our looping slides!)  During the rare moment when (our TD) didn??t have anything to do he would always ask, ???Is there anything I can do for you????  He even assisted delegates at the information desk when the travel folks were away for a spell.  Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty!  When I saw the sheer magnitude of all the equipment involved to make everything look as spectacular as it did I thought ?Ѭ?.. ???WOW! That??s a lot of stuff to haul around, unpack, manage for the duration of the event, and pack up again!???  You guys earn every penny of that quote I kept trying to whittle away at! 
Innovative ?? THANK YOU for selling me on the idea of interactive polling.  That was a HUGE HIT and certainly nothing I would have thought of on my own.  Plus, the stats we??ll get from the exercise will be very valuable.

Competitive ?? you know (all too well!) what a penny pincher I am.  Thanks to your expertise, you kept me from being penny wise, pound foolish.  I appreciate the many times you sat down with me to review the proposal, educate me as to the items that we really needed and those that we could get away without to bring the cost down.  
Just plain nice ?? (That says it all!)


Customer Quotes

Everything went very well. Your ARS tech was very nice to work with! You were very accommodating. —Kim @ The CE Solution, Inc.
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